About Wild3D

Often a single photo is never enough to show the depth and complexity of the world around us. 3D models can help fill the gap between an image and the real experience. Wild3D aspires to make the third dimension more amazing and useful. We combine the latest technologies with real world applications to create innovative 3D interactions for the benefit of everyone. From Education, to Industry, to Business, to Media, our goal is to help people see and show the world in new ways through our 3D Scanning and 3D Model Hosting services.


Joel Lisenby

Co-Founder Joel Lisenby is Wild3D's web and hardware programmer, UX designer and network engineer, responsible for inside and out.

Michael St.Onge

Co-Founder Michael St.Onge is Wild3D's expert photogrammetry technician and SolidWorks engineer, responsible for generating 3D models and designing and engineering our 3D scanning equipment.

What / Where

Wild3D specializes in 3d model hosting and 3d scanning services. We are based in Southern California and offer worldwide services through our 3d model hosting.

Educational and Historical Focus


The current trend in academia is leading away from the traditional classroom environment and leading towards more online instruction. The new online forms of teaching rely on individual or group assignments that are given and submitted electronically through a web-based platforms. Even traditional classes are commonly supplemented with online instruction whenever possible. Interactive websites are proving to be a useful and entertaining way to instruct in the modern teaching environment. Through a combination of current trends and economic needs, there is a need for supplementing physical models with three dimensional models. Wild3D can provide services that meet and exceed the need for bringing three dimensional models into the hands of instructors and students. Wild3D can provide a combination of scanning services and custom interactive viewers that can be used on web-based platforms.The three dimensional models are capable of showing details that could be difficult on the physical model. With the ability to zoom-in on small areas of a model, it is possible to see very detailed features. The three dimensional model may or may not replace the physical models needed by the modern teaching environment, but the advantages are great and we encourage innovation!

Historical Preservation

Historical sites and objects are often at risk and tend to be kept out of the hands common people. However, with the ability to 3d scan and create interactive 3d viewing, it is now possible to place valuable history within the hands of everyone! We can also capture non-permanent objects or environments prior to wear or restoration. We would like to help digitize historical collections, so please contact us for opportunities!

Open Source Software

Wild3D is made possible thanks to the following open source projects: