3D Model Hosting


No Apps or Plugins Needed

The Wild3D viewer uses WebGL and built-in browser functionality. There is no need to install an app or plugin to view models on both computer and mobile devices.

How to Upload

Convert Your Models

Wild3D supports a wide variety of 3D model formats. Please see our list of supported formats to learn which format you should export your model(s) in. Please contact us if you are having difficulty with uploading a model.


When you are logged into your wild 3D account, there will be a tab labeled "Upload". Go to that page and fill out the form. Then upload your model, material and texture files if your model has textures. Once you click upload you will need to wait until there is a verification that the upload is complete. If you refresh or change the browser page the upload may not be completed.

View Your Model

The 3D models will be located on the 3D models page on your Wild3D account. Contact us if your model is not displaying correctly.

Share Your Model

Wild3D allows private sharing 3D models with other users. Users who share models will still have control over the model and can delete it if necessary. Users who have a model shared with them have view-only access to the shared model.

Wild3D also features 3D model embedding. When viewing your 3D model you will see the HTML embed code snippet that will allow you to embed the 3D model at any resolution on your own website. The embed window only contains a small watermark linking back to your model's page on See below for a live example.

Single-User vs Multi-user

A standard single-user account is for an individual or IT professional who owns the email the account is registered to. A single-user account being used by multiple people is discouraged and cannot be used by multiple users simultaneously. Multi-user accounts are designed to manage content for multiple users within a school or organization. The admin of a multi-user account will be able to control who is part of the school or organization and share content within members of the school or organization. The admin will also be able to manage the content uploaded by users. Please contact us for more information.