3D Scanning and Modeling

Process & Capabilities

Don't have a 3d model to upload? We can help! Wild3D uses modern photogrammetric scanning techniques to create colored and highly detailed 3d models from real world objects and environments. Wild3D uses professional camera equipment combined with custom designed scanning rigs to capture a full spherical scan of an object or environment. The high resolution photographs are then imported into specialized software to reconstruct the data into colored and textured 3d models. The final result is a life-like representation of the scanned object in a digital format. After scanning the objects, the 3d models can then be web-optimized and uploaded to a account for online viewing. We can also process client images or models upon request.


Objects between 5 inches to 24 inches can easily be scanned with a full spherical array of images. Larger sizes over 10 feet and smaller sizes under 1 inch may also be accommodated. Each object will be considered on a case by case basis.


Most objects are scanned at our Southern California location using specialized camera rigs. Scanning "on location" will be considered for clients near Southern California. We can also scan objects that can be shipped to us. Please contact us for more information.

Model Accuracy

Wild3D currently cannot provide quantitative measurements on model accuracy using our photographic scanning process. The accuracy of models depends on many factors including object size, shape, texture, reflections and opacities. Reflections and transparencies may create errors in 3d model geometries. Because model accuracies largely depend on the objects being scanned, Wild3D cannot guarantee dimensional accuracies or surface tolerances on 3d models.

Model Texture & Colors

The photogrammetric scanning process used by Wild3D works best on objects with a large variance in color and texture. Objects with low contrast, smooth, or monocolor can be difficult. Each object will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

3D Model Formats

3D surface models are typically saved in OBJ format with an attached texture file. Solid model CAD file formats may also be available upon request however, CAD formats typically do not support model texture details.

Web-Optimized 3D Models

We understand some clients would prefer to scan their own objects for use with our website. However, often 3D scans will create models that are too large in file size for web viewing. We can help reduce the mesh density and texture size of your 3d model. 3D models and texture files that that exceed a combined file size of 20mb may not work on mobile devices. Please contact us for more information.

Client Image & Model Processing

Wild3D can process and finalize client images and models so they can be uploaded to accounts. Client model processing will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.


Wild3D requires all clients to obtain insurance on their items before being sent to our scanning locations. Wild3D does not guarantee the safety of client items and is not responsible for theft or damages during shipping or at Wild3D locations. Items may need to be manipulated, modified or disassembled during the scanning process. Clients must consent to releasing Wild3D from all risks prior to doing business with Wild3D. This will apply to all physical objects and digital files in our possession.